The big protein issue: Hungarians consume too much of it

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 21. 11:54

Overconsumption of animal proteins is characteristic of Hungarians, although according to experts, it is recommended to consume protein from vegetable and animal sources in a ratio of half to half. Those following a completely plant-based diet should also pay attention: it is important that their diet includes different sources of protein, such as oilseeds. The Mogyi Protein Mix product, which supports a healthy everyday life with its 32 percent protein content, is also aimed at the intake of vegetable proteins and nutrient-rich snacking.

The importance of protein intake is often discussed, but fewer people know exactly how much protein we need on a daily basis, from which sources it is worth taking in the recommended amount, and what to pay attention to if someone lives a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Furthermore, protein is not only found in animal products, but also, for example, in oilseeds – it was revealed from the compilation of Mogyi Kft.

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