More than three quarters of Hungarians are open to buying used products online

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 16. 11:00

77 percent of Hungarians are open to buying used products online, 64 percent have already bought them on the Internet, and 8 percent are sure that they will make such a purchase in the future – concluded a recent representative research by Opinio Institute Kft. made on the occasion of World Day.

In a survey commissioned by Shoptet, a Czech-based company that creates and operates online stores, 93 percent of Hungarians surveyed said that they buy used products online because of the lower prices, 32 percent are motivated to do so by environmental protection, and 22 percent by the fact that they think it is fashionable. 84 percent of respondents aged 16-19, 83 percent of those in their twenties, 79 percent of those in their thirties, 76 percent of those in their forties, and 65 percent of those in their fifties are open to buying used goods.

People would like to buy these second-hand

In terms of product types, 47 percent buy used fashion items, 43 percent computer equipment, 39 percent books, and 34 percent consumer electronics, they said. Based on the survey, 67 percent of women have already bought used fashion items online, and 43 percent have bought books. 53 percent of men bought an electronic device used on the Internet (phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, camera, or even camcorder), 43 percent bought a TV, game console, speaker, or player. In terms of generations, the 50-year-old age group is most concerned with environmental protection (36 percent), followed by the 20-year-olds with 35 percent, they wrote.

The survey was conducted in March 2023 by interviewing 1,123 people, which is representative of smartphone owners aged 16-59 in Hungary by age, gender, education and place of residence. The research was carried out on behalf of Shoptet by Opinio Institue Kft., the announcement states.


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