The Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers awarded a special snack innovation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 27. 11:28

On May 23, 2023, the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association awarded the Sweet Innovation Award to Aloha Ltd., the manufacturer of Csinta fruit snacks, for their new line of chocolate-covered dried fruit sheets. This award recognizes Hungarian entrepreneurs who blend traditional candy-making with innovation to address modern market challenges.

The idea for Csinta fruit sheets originated a decade ago in the kitchen of the Redő family, who experimented with slow-drying thin layers of plum pulp while following a raw vegan diet. These products, which preserve the original flavors of the fruits, quickly became popular.

Initially, Csinta products were made exclusively from organically grown fruits, dried slowly at low temperatures. Over the years, the range expanded to include ten types of fruit, half of which are organic. The company uses only the natural form of the fruits, avoiding any industrial or natural additives.

The new chocolate-covered fruit sheets are produced by the internationally recognized Harrer Chocolate Workshop, with packaging designed by Carbon Group Communication. The products are available not only in the company’s own webshop but also in other online stores and national retail chains, thanks to investor support and numerous commercial partners.

Sánta Sándor, president of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association, expressed pride in local businesses that innovate and contribute to making the world a better place through their products. The latest chocolate variant of Csinta fruit snacks not only aims to boost market success but also enhances the reputation of the Hungarian confectionery industry, opening new dimensions among traditional products.

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