Hungarian wine and winemakers are celebrated in Eger

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 07. 10:00

Hungarian winemakers are full of innovations, while respecting their traditions and lovingly guarding their professional secrets, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy declared at the Egri Wine Festival on Thursday.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

The head of the ministry reminded that the influence of grapes and wine in shaping human civilization, their cultural importance, and as the ever-innovating inspiration of the arts, is rooted in several millennia of tradition. The history of wine is the history of humanity, the history of our created world, which has become part of many traditions, or even created traditions itself. He added that the Egri Wine Festival draws attention to the diligence, persistent work and expertise of the people who live here, who gift us with their famous grapes and excellent wines. He explained that Egri wine and Egri Bikavér have a privileged place in our hearts. And with today’s event, we are celebrating the city and the countryside with many centuries of grape and wine culture, whose history, economic and cultural life have merged with wine, he emphasized.

The minister said that the government continues to treat the grape and wine sector as a priority area

EU support resources are provided within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan adopted last year. In addition, they reduce the administrative burden of the grape and wine sector. We allocated 1.8 billion forints from the Rural Development Program to support the promotion of Hungarian wine. In addition, a separate national wine marketing program was launched, for which resources of historical magnitude, HUF 3 billion per year, are provided, explained the head of the ministry.


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