KPMG prepared its whistleblowing system compliant with the Complaints Act

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 01. 14:14

It was accepted by the parliament, and the so-called Complaints Act has now been published in the Hungarian Gazette. Act XXV of 2023 on complaints, reports of public interest, and rules related to the reporting of abuses covers a significant part of Hungarian enterprises, among other things, prescribes how such reports should be handled and how those who report them should be protected. KPMG experts consider it important to draw attention to the parts that really have an impact on the life of companies.

According to the new law on abuse reports, companies will be obliged to create and operate an internal abuse reporting system, through which employees, contractual partners and other stakeholders can even anonymously report illegal acts and omissions they experience. SMEs must be ready to receive the notifications correctly by December 17, and large companies by July 24.

The scope of the law affects companies with at least 50 employees, as well as – regardless of the number of employees – companies subject to the anti-money laundering law, e.g. credit institutions, financial service providers, law firms and all commercial enterprises that accept HUF 3 million or more in cash.

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