Carlsberg taps into ‘curiosity’ and repositions its beer globally

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 04. 02. 09:01

For the first time ever, Carlsberg will run a global campaign across 120 markets to reposition its flagship beer brand.

The campaign focuses on how any progress in the world starts with inquisitiveness and aims to “reinvigorate curiosity” amongst beer drinkers. The activity has been planned to roll out across the UK, Asia, South America, Europe and the rest of the world throughout 2024 and into 2025.

Speaking to the drinks business, Carlsberg global brand director Lynsey Woods said: “We’ve been on a big journey for the last year and a half in terms of getting ready for our new campaign, our new positioning and a new creative platform.”

Woods explained that the repositioning campaign centres around “the idea that at every moment, there’s a spark of curiosity” and added that “obviously, we’re playing up to that a bit, suggesting Carlsberg was there for those big moments”.

The “sharpened positioning” has, according to Woods, followed “a huge amount of work in terms of looking into the archives and looking through everything that Carlsberg has done and how it has played a role in people’s lives. It was all about authenticity and bringing authenticity to life. Bringing that into our positioning is now a big part of Carlsberg”.

The idea of tapping into people’s curiosity stems from what Woods has outlined as the beer company’s intentions to “always make the best possible beer”.

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