Magazine: The soul of the fruit

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 10. 10. 07:12

According to László Nagy, CEO of Kunság-Szesz Zrt., the unique taste of Mátyás Pálinkas comes from carefully selected, delicious fruits that are sourced from Hungarian growers only. Mátyás Pálinkaház was established in 2013 and combines cutting-edge technology with traditions.

The new pálinkas are marketed under the Mátyás brand name, which guarantees exceptional quality – just like the gold and silver medals won at the Quintessence and Brilliante Pálinka and Spirit contests in 2018, and at the Destillata in Tyrol in 2018 and 2019. What is more, Mátyás Raspberry Pálinka and Mátyás Irsai Olivér Grape Pálinka were selected into the National Pálinka Excellence programme in 2019. Pálinka is not just a spirit: it is the soul of the fruit. (x)

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