The role of sustainable packaging is food loss and in the prevention of waste

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 04. 14:26

The implementation of sustainable packaging is a key issue for the future of the Earth. Food loss and waste is also a big and global problem that cannot be ignored. We often talk about sustainability, but at the same time we do not deal with the balanced relationship between product packaging, according to which we should neither under-pack nor over-pack.

Innovative and intuitive sustainable packaging is one of the most suitable solutions for simultaneously protecting the product and the environment. Packaging experts know that the environmental burden of any wastefully produced product is greater than that of the packaging used to protect it. Packaging plays an integral role in protecting, transporting and storing the product throughout the entire distribution chain

The purpose of the conference is not only to draw attention to the positive role of packaging in the prevention of food loss and waste, but also to emphasize it in the public’s mind, all by presenting international and domestic examples of good solutions.

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