Balaton caterers are planning a moderate price increase this season

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:30

Restaurants operating around Lake Balaton are raising their prices this season at a much lower rate than last year’s inflation. Anita Halász, an employee of a restaurant in Balaton, told RTL Híradó that they try to keep last year’s prices in the pre-season, while customers can expect a price increase of around 10 percent for the main season.

László Kovács, the president of the Industry Association of Hungarian Restaurateurs, said that price increases should be expected, but restaurateurs try to adapt them to demand. Their aim is to raise prices carefully, so as not to cross the stimulus threshold, which would be almost obvious or unacceptable to the guests.

Blikk mainly highlighted the increase in the price of ice cream, where you have to pay HUF 50 more per scoop, so the price of a scoop has increased to HUF 600. This price increase is also confirmed by the overview of As an example, they mentioned that on the beach in Badacsonytomaj they charge 2,390 forints for a bean goulash and 2,990 forints for a catfish fritters with cottage cheese, and the price increase can be added to these in the high season.

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