This year’s ice cream season can start with a dumpling price of 600-650 HUF

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 23. 11:47

The domestic hospitality industry has faced many challenges in recent years, and the Bécsi Kávéház in Győr has not been left out of the changes. Kisalföld reported that confectioneries in Győr-Moson-Sopron county are facing various difficulties, including a decrease in average turnover and store closures. At the same time, the expected dumpling prices will be around HUF 600-650 at the beginning of the ice cream season.

The article focuses on the history of the Bécsi Kávéház in Győr and the current challenges. The plant was forced to raise the prices of food and ice cream starting this month. The main reasons were cost increases, including higher prices of raw materials such as butter, milk and chocolate. In addition, runaway utility bills, bills and rents also put pressure on the business.

The management of Bécsi Kávéház plans to introduce a price increase of about 10 percent compared to last year’s prices in order to cover expenses. The owner, Dóra Bint, pointed out that the price of a scoop of ice cream will rise to HUF 600-650 this year.

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