5+1 trends in the world of functional drinks

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2022. 12. 06. 10:35

Supply chain issues, rising energy prices and labour shortage are all causing problems in the food and drink sector. Let’s see what long-term trends influence innovation work in the functional drink market, from the perspective of consumer expectations.

1. Concentration instead of nervousness and anxiety:  the average American consumes 220mg of caffeine per day. The problem is that the side effects of caffeine are nervousness and anxiety, which make it difficult to sit in one place and concentrate.

2. Organic immune protection:  most vitamins are synthetically made, which is weird considering the fact that sales of organic products are growing year after year. The recommended daily intake from vitamin C is 90mg, and natural sources usually aren’t enough to cover this.

3. Rejuvenate, revitalise and regenerate: detoxification is important for consumers, and we are lucky that the human body is fully equipped to get rid of toxins; drinks can serve as an innovative carrier system in strengthening the efficiency of this natural protection system.


Drinks as an innovative delivery system can help boost the effectiveness of natural detoxification

4. Plant protein – the best of the crops: only last year almost 30% more plant-based meat alternatives were sold in the USA than in the base period, generating USD 7bn revenue. One of the biggest hits is hemp: in the USA hemp will be grown on more than 9 million hectares by 2030. Experts forecast that 80% of the hemp grown in the future won’t be for harvested for CBD, but for cereal grains, which can also be used in drinks.

5. Indian spices for taste and health: according to market research specialist Mintel, consumers associate Indian spices, for instance ginger or turmeric, with characteristics such as “calming” and “functional”. These spices match perfectly with fruits and flower essences, too.

+1. Beauty drinks in the spotlight: one of the main reasons why women and men consume functional drinks is that they can help them look better – and consumers are willing to pay more for those that contain collage, biotin, etc. even today, when prices are rising fast. //

For both men and women, the main motivation for consuming drinks with high nutritional value is to promote beauty


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