Green recommendation: farmers receive specific proposals

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 21. 09:00

NAK also helps its members to use agro-ecological subsidies.

With the launch of the 2023-2027 Common Agricultural Policy this year, the system of area-based subsidies has changed: the Agro-ecology Program (AÖP) plays a significant role, within the framework of which additional support can be requested for commitments aimed at preserving environmental and natural values. The National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) also helps those involved by making recommendations for effective use of this to all farmers with Chamber authorization. The chamber has sent or is sending e-mails to about 70,000 farmers the “green recommendation” specifically for their own farms, a proposal on which undertakings it is advisable to decide on. Farmers can apply for support annually, when submitting uniform applications, on the basis of commitments made within the framework of the AÖP – for the preservation of soil, surface and underground waters, and wildlife. To do this (for each different land use method), they must choose from the practices listed in the legislation. If someone decides to use the AÖP subsidy, they must choose a requirement worth at least two points per utilization method when applying.

What does the “green offer” include?

The practices recommended by the chamber in the “green recommendation” sent to farmers were determined from the point of view of the KAP Strategic Plan’s environmental performance and fulfillment of indicator commitments. The recommendation was determined by an algorithm – which was made on the basis of state databases (IIER and MePAR) – for those AÖP commitments that may correspond to the environmental characteristics of a given economy, thus helping the farmer in decision-making. Of course, the choice of practices can also be influenced by many other factors (e.g. applying for ÖKO or AKG support, involvement with the Natura 2000 network), therefore the undertakings can be made with knowledge of them.

This year, the chamber’s village farmers are also available to farmers to submit subsidy applications, and at the same time help them to decide on the most effective undertakings from the point of view of the AÖP.

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