Better with music!

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 02. 10. 09:31

Background music is played in more and more bars and restaurants: Artisjus counted 36,800 of them in 2019. According to research, music can increase the time spent in a shop or hospitality unit by up to 15 percent, which can entail 30 percent more impulse purchases. Last year Artisjus distributed HUF 9.3 billion among the copyright owners of songs and musical pieces – this sum was 8.1 bigger than in 2018.

Recently Artisjus has launched the ‘Better with music!’ programme: this helps newly-started enterprises in using music more consciously. The first stage in this programme is a website, where music industry experts give ideas to bar and restaurant owners about what kind of music they should play. They also introduce the latest trends and offer practical advice on the type of hi-fi equipment to be used. //


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