Walmart Canada launches Walmart Rewards Mastercard in Quebec

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2019. 05. 30. 08:30

Wal-Mart Canada Corp. (Walmart Canada) announced today the launch of the Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® in Quebec – a credit card that turns everyday spending into BIG rewards.

“The Walmart Rewards Mastercard gives Quebec residents the ability to earn big rewards for their everyday spending and redeem them on a wide selection of items in-store and online,” said Terry Mathews, Vice President of Financial Services for Walmart Canada. “Walmart Rewards can be earned anywhere Mastercard is accepted and used to purchase merchandise at Walmart Canada’s already guaranteed unbeatable low prices.”

Walmart Reward Dollars are earned in dollar equivalents – not points – making it easy for cardholders to know how much they can redeem. Cardholders earn 1.25 per cent on their purchases in Walmart Reward Dollars for every dollar spent at Walmart Canada and one per cent of their purchases in Walmart Rewards when used anywhere else Mastercard is accepted. Walmart Reward Dollars can be redeemed in five-dollar increments at the cash register at any Walmart Canada store.


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