Temu has withdrawn from its aggressive marketing strategy

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 11. 11:32

In recent months, significant changes have taken place in the marketing strategy of the Chinese online store Temu, the impact of which can be felt both on the company’s advertising expenditures and on the customer experience. According to information provided by Economx and data from Growww’s Digital Temu Index, Temu has drastically scaled back its ads and promotions, and the push-to-purchase messages on their website have also disappeared.

The appearance of Temu in Hungary had a significant impact on the domestic online market. According to the GKID survey, in a short time, Temu conquered almost the entire internet market, and in January, the proportion of Hungarian customers who ordered from the online store had already increased to 29 percent. This represents an extraordinary increase compared to the previous period, which shows that Temu has quickly consolidated its position among Hungarian online buyers.

However, with Temu’s success and growth, there have been some concerns. In March, the Economic Competition Authority (GVH) announced that it would open an investigation against Temu for unfair commercial practices. Prior to this, several Hungarian online stores filed a complaint against the company, as they felt that Temu was trying to seduce customers with deceptive marketing techniques.

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