Sunday store closure: CBA found a loophole

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 02. 11:48

A CBA szore near the Lake Balaton found a loophole in the regulation of the Sunday store closure: the store has qualified to be a market, so it can be open on Sundays – the RTL Klub reported.



The base area of the store in Balatonfenyves is 1000 square meters, so it could not officially open on Sundays. However, the owner initiated: declare the store into a marketplace.

According to the town clerk, the store met all conditions, so she gave him the license. Because the Sunday opening hours do not apply for markets, therefore it can remain open opened on the last day of the week.

RTL also reported that a CBA shop in Balatonakali acted in a similar way so it can also stay open on Sundays. (,, RTL Klub)

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