Corporate tech beyond AI: optimization and risk management will come to the fore this year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 12. 11:52

While nearly 90% of large companies worldwide are currently on the path to digital transformation, the hopes for increasing (cost) efficiency may not necessarily come true. According to their own declaration, the affected companies achieved 31% of the expected revenue growth, while only 25% of the estimated cost savings. For this reason, 2024 can be about cautious strategies, and while artificial intelligence still dominates professional discourse, IT managers see their main task in integrated internal platforms, cloud solutions, 360-degree protection of software supply chains, and preparation against security threats. The Stylers Academy has now collected the most important corporate digitization trends in a bouquet, thereby helping the digitization efforts of domestic companies.

The past few years have undoubtedly been about the digitization competition in almost every industry, it is no wonder that the majority of managers yielded to the pressure and provided significant resources for technological developments. Spending on digital transformation is expected to swell to $3.4 trillion by 2026, and according to the World Economic Forum, all of this will boost the global economy by $100 trillion. The market and the range of possibilities are therefore enormous, but in the meantime, more and more companies are faced with the fact that the return often falls short of expectations.

“Digitalization efforts primarily respond to the rapidly changing and uncertain environment, companies’ goals are cost optimization, more efficient and faster operation, as well as risk management and preparation for unexpected events. So far so good, but it is often seen that companies jump on the bandwagon and follow the market blindly, instead of creating systems tailored to their own needs. That’s why we’re now seeing a bit of a standstill, many business players prefer to stop, evaluate and re-plan”

– says Gábor Gönczy, managing owner of Stylers Group, the IT company group that also includes Stylers Academy.

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