Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture: Ukraine does not shy away from Poles checking the quality of its grain

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 14. 11:00

Ukraine is ready for Polish authorities to check the quality of Ukrainian grain at the border, Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solskyi said in a TV program on Wednesday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

“This is a small problem, let our colleagues check it. We are not afraid of checks,” the head of the ministry responded to the statement of the Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Michal Kolodziejczak, in which the latter said that all Ukrainian grain will be subject to additional checks at the border because, in their opinion, it is of poor quality.

Solsky highlighted that Ukraine actually exports a small amount of grain through Poland

For the third month already, 90 percent of Ukrainian farmers prefer exports via sea ports. In addition, Ukraine is constantly negotiating with Poland at various levels on issues related to the delivery of agricultural products. “We are trying to help our partners solve this issue. At the same time, we strongly condemn the provocations we saw at the border,” Solskyi stated. The minister also added that last December, five million tons of grain, other flour and oil were exported from Ukrainian seaports, and approximately one million tons were exported through the Danube, and less than one million tons of flour, oil and grain through neighboring countries.


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