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By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 06. 22. 05:58

Our magazine asked four members of the guild about the May reopening.

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Gábor Földvári, Vadrózsa Restaurant (Bp.)

We didn’t change anything from the way we operated before the pandemic. I think the biggest problem is the growing workforce shortage. It doesn’t help that the government don’t really care about us, they didn’t even transfer the loan that was supposed to help in the reopening.

Attila Radvánszky, Haxen-Király 100 Gastro Corner (Bp.)

Our biggest problem is the lack of guests, as they are mostly returning to the places with a terrace. Checking the immunity cards of guests causes no problems and 80 percent of our workers also have the card. While restaurants in the countryside and the outskirts of Budapest almost have the same guest number as before the pandemic, in the city centre restaurants only perform at about 20 percent of the 2019 level.

Rudolf Selmeci, VakVarjú Restaurants (Bp.)

Our concept is the same as it used to be. With the nice weather part of our guests returned to our restaurants. We didn’t raise prices and there are new dishes on the menu card. Major disinfection work was done before the reopening. Our terraces are busy, but hardly anyone goes inside – this can be a problem when the weather is bad.

Tibor Takács, Csillag Restaurant (Barcs)

We want to bring back middle-aged guests with price reductions. Unfortunately we will be forced to increase prices by 8-12 in the early summer. It takes time to check the immunity cards of guests who are sitting inside. Without government support I don’t think we can keep going for long. I can only hope there won’t be a fourth wave! //

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