The Professional Star Festival welcomes its guests again

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 09. 10:45

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) in cooperation with the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) is organizing the Professional Star Festival for the third time, between April 24-26, 2024.

(Photo: NAK)

At the event held for the 17th time, visitors can learn about nearly 60 professions and specialties, including 21 related to agriculture. For the 17th time this year, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) is organizing the Szakma Szár Festival in cooperation with the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy, between April 24-26, 2024. will take place in Budapest. Similar to previous years, the two chambers concluded this agreement this year as well. Balázs Győrffy, NAK and dr. On April 9, 2024, László Parragh, the president of the main organizer MKIK, confirmed the cooperation with his signature. The goal of the joint organization is to popularize vocational training and strengthen its competitiveness.

The growing popularity of vocational training is also due to the national career guidance activities of regional chambers and MKIK

Schools and dual training places play a significant role in maintaining motivation, as well as sectoral training centers, with which the chambers cooperate closely. The emphasis is on professional development and a more secure and stable vision of the future, since the participants in the professional training enter the competitive market with professional knowledge. In addition to popularizing and presenting vocational training, the main goal of the Vocational Star Festival is to support young people who are about to choose a career, to show the way for the rising generation, and to promote the future care of outstanding talents in vocational training, emphasized László Parragh. “Preparation for the future begins at a tender age, and it is our responsibility – as adults, parents, and decision-makers – to encourage our children in such a way that they will, on the one hand, lay the foundation for their own prosperity, and on the other hand, contribute to the success and growth of Hungary.” We have to open the doors of opportunities to young people, we have to show the beauties of each profession. At the Professional Star Festival, they can see with their own eyes how blessed the profession of a baker is, how creative flower arranging is, how much beauty the farmer’s work hides, Balázs Győrffy emphasized.

With the cooperation of NAK, 21 agricultural professions will be presented at the event

Young people can learn about the work of a livestock and animal health technician, a food industry analyst, and a forestry technician, but they can also gain insight into the professions of land surveyors, land and geospatial information technicians, and environmental protection technicians. In addition, the park construction and maintenance technician, the agricultural mechanical technician, the confectioner, the forester-wood producer, the animal breeder, the horseman, the plant grower, the butcher and meat product maker, the gardener, the agricultural mechanic, the baker, the confectioner and the viticulturist profession. In addition to the agricultural professions, MKIK organizes the Outstanding Student of the Profession Competition, the National Vocational Study Competition, and the national finals and presentations of WorldSkills Hungary in a total of 57 professions. In addition to watching competitions, visitors who are about to choose a career can learn about the specifics of the professions, test their aptitude, creativity, and skill in fun, interactive programs, or watch interesting professional presentations interpreted by excellent professionals. The sponsors of the event are business organizations that are themselves active participants in vocational training within the framework of the dual training.


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