A new whiskey superpower is being built in Europe

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 17. 09:33

The number of distilleries producing whiskey in Germany has increased in the recent period. Today there are many more distilleries making spirits than in Scotland.

After the Second World War, whiskey production began in Germany under the influence of the American soldiers stationed there, and in 1983 the first whiskey factory was established. Since then, the industry has grown dynamically. Today, there are about 250 distilleries in the country, while Scotland, considered the home of whiskey, had about 140.

Many smaller schnapps distilleries have switched to whiskey production in recent years. However, according to Magyar Mezőgazdaság, a good number of distilleries were also handed over, in which the short drink is made under the most modern conditions. There is no limit to the styles at these units, and drinks are made from barley, wheat, rye, and corn. In Germany, there is no organization that regulates the whiskey making process, and producers take advantage of this. It is true that drinks that are outstanding in the world are being prepared, and even Scottish whiskey masters have a hard time finding a way to handle them – writes Haszon.hu.


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