Syngenta’s knowledge base opens up new horizons in farming

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 08. 31. 10:37

Syngenta presented its latest sunflower and corn-related offerings and solutions, as well as the company’s new knowledge base, at the first organized crop-EX event in Hajdúböszörmény. The participating farmers were also able to learn about the practical application of several new biological preparations.

The most important task of the agriculture of the future is to meet the growing food demands in a sustainable manner. Syngenta is at the forefront of seed breeding, effective crop protection solutions and digital developments. Today, the three areas are closely connected: the genetic potential from breeding cannot be exploited without adequate protection, and the incorporation of biological agents into plant protection solutions, as well as digital technologies and innovations, also serve this purpose. “We work and develop in close cooperation with the farmers. That’s why the 6-ton professional program was launched in sunflower, which has attracted a lot of interest at the international level, and our “We grow together” campaign will start soon, with which we want to raise the joint professional development and cooperation to an even higher level”, emphasized Dr. Zoltán Varga, plant protection campaign manager.

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