Unicum launched a new campaign

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 09. 10:41

Zwack Unicum Nyrt.’s newest Christmas movie comes with loving moments and a winter wonderland. In the commercial debuting in November, an iconic actor couple, Máté Haumann, and his father, Péter Haumann, evoke the magic of holiday traditions, the joy of returning home and spending time together, and the exceptional bond between fathers and their sons.

Haumann Máté és Zwack Sándor

The Christmas season is about time spent together and true values. We celebrate in many ways, our customs and family traditions may differ, but these moments are decisive for everyone. This is also highlighted in this year’s Christmas film by Zwack, pointing out that the home, which provides security, appreciation and love, can not only be a physical place, but also a place of support in our lives, from which we can draw strength in difficult moments and make joyful moments even more complete. do.

“This commercial has a special place in my heart, it gave me and evoked memories that I look back on fondly. My father’s work ethic is extremely exemplary for me, and I have always looked up to his dedication and perseverance. I will carry this teaching of his with me, I will keep it as a real treasure”

said Máté Haumann.


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