Aldi Süd Launches New Organic Brand ‘Nur Nur Natur'

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 07. 04. 09:35

Aldi Süd says Nur Nur Natur stands for high-quality raw materials, such as ancient grain or cold-pressed oils for gentle processing with extra-long maturing times.

The discounter says flavour-enhancing ingredients, added aromas and superfluous additives are consistently avoided in the new brand.

In March of this year, Aldi Süd announced that its organic offering now accounts for 15% of the standard range and it will continue to expand its organic range.

‘Highest Organic Level’

Erik Döbele, managing director buying and customer interaction at Aldi Süd said, “With Nur Nur Natur we are setting standards in the food retail sector. There has never been a brand like this in the discount store. We achieve original taste at the highest organic level at our usual low prices.”

Döbele noted that sustainability is anchored in Aldi Süd’s corporate structure.

“The new organic brand is an important long-term step on our way to more conscious nutrition for our customers,” he said.

“In addition to the high standards that Naturland makes, with our ‘Nur Nur Natur’ products we support, among other things, Naturland’s biodiversity protection programme, but also the increased use of original grain varieties.”


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