New general secretary at the head of the National Trade Association

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 11. 13:18

Dr. Tamás Kozák replaces György Vámos in the position of secretary general of OKSZ. The OKSZ member companies express their gratitude to György Vámos for the work he has done for the development of Hungarian trade over the past three decades.

During his professional career, the new general secretary was connected to trade in several ways. Economist Tamás Kozák, formerly a civil servant in the state administration, participated in the preparation of several laws affecting the trade sector, such as the new Trade Act. He held middle and senior management positions in various areas of the business sphere, and currently participates as a university lecturer in the high-level transfer of commercial knowledge. As the president of the Trade Section of the Hungarian Economic Society, Tamás Kozák strives to combine science and practical knowledge and continuously collaborates with distinguished players in the trade sector.

OKSZ – with the active participation of the new general secretary – is being renewed. OKSZ will work to ensure that commercial enterprises can operate in a regulatory environment that ensures a predictable operating environment in the long term. The organization strives for close professional relations and intensive communication with each and every stakeholder, such as economic policy decision-makers and partner organizations. The association, whose members include companies handling a significant proportion of retail trade and small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector, considers it important that, taking into account market economy standards, customer expectations are met at the highest possible level. OKSZ, in view of the economic weight of its member companies, wishes to be a prominent partner of the Government when making trade-related decisions.

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