We are wasting too much water

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 06. 05. 10:38

An average Hungarian uses almost 320 glasses of water a day during household work, according to data from previous years. Since most households benefit from this from the drinking water network, it is particularly important to be aware of the options available to reduce unnecessary consumption. MediaMarkt has gathered the laundry savings to know what we can decide based on or how to use our washing machine in our home in an environmentally conscious way.

When choosing a device, the low water consumption or energy rating of the device alone is not yet a primary consideration in MediaMarkt’s experience, but customers demand features that allow for more environmentally friendly operation and require that they do not make a big difference in price.

This is because the technical department store chain sees that out of the huge range available in stores, customers first narrow down the options according to their individual needs and take into account practicality, where features, size, noise level, etc. are taken into account. It matters. However, once the top list has been established, the impact of the device on the environment will play a very important role in the final decision. This is because customers are willing to pay a little more to take a more environmentally friendly machine home because they are confident that it can save more energy and water in the long run.

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