The Hungarian team advanced to the European selection of the Bocuse d’Or

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2024. 03. 21. 08:37

As we reported yesterday, the Hungarian team not only secured its place in the finals of the world’s most prestigious cooking competition – which will take place in January 2025 – but also brought home the special prize for the best dish. Here are some more interesting details about the team and the competition!

Kelemen Roland puts the finishing touches on the team’s racing work

In 2022, at the Bocuse d’Or European selection held in Budapest, it was revealed that Trondheim will host the next competition. As usual, the mandatory ingredients were selected from the emblematic products of the host country. This year, however, the plate theme was meat-based; reindeer, as well as the iconic Scandinavian spirit, Aquavit, were specified as mandatory ingredients. The spectacular dish theme was based on the treasures of the sea, the equally emblematic Lofoten skrei and Frøya scallops were mandatory elements.

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