Further increase detected in the GfK Sustainability Index

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 05. 22. 09:29

Sustainable consumption is on the rise again, at least according to the latest GfK Sustainability Index. After a temporary decline last autumn, the upward trend continued in April. The index stood at 101.6 points, an improvement of 7.4 points compared to January 2024. GfK’s new special analysis shows the sources of information that consumers rely on when making sustainable purchasing decisions in different categories.

In line with the positive trend in the current consumer climate, German consumers have shifted their purchasing behaviour back towards sustainability and intend to continue doing so in the future.

„Sustainability is an enduring value for consumers, which was briefly de-emphasised last year due to the rising cost of living. Many were forced to compromise in favour of cheaper offerings,” Petra Süptitz, sustainability expert at NIQ/GfK says. „Now the signs are pointing to an economic recovery and consumers are again willing to make more sustainable purchasing decisions.”

This development is also reflected in organic FMCG sales data, which according to the NIQ retail panel showed a 7% increase in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same quarter last year, despite a slight decline in the average price per pack. The share of organic products on shelves grew by around 5%, significantly faster than that of non-organic products.

In the consumer durables sector, the trend towards sustainable purchases is reflected in the sales of energy efficient washing machines. According to the GfK retail panel, the proportion of appliances in energy efficiency class „A” rose to 69% in the first quarter, up 15 percentage points on the same quarter last year.

The Sustainable Major Purchases Index rose from 96.3 to 107 points in April. This means the proportion of people who have made a sustainable purchase in the past 12 months has risen to 32% from 28% in January. In addition, 30% of consumers plan to make a major purchase with sustainability in mind in the next 12 months, which shows a slight increase from January.

The sustainable FMCG products index rose to 98 points in April from 92.8 points in January. The proportion of people who bought sustainable products last month remained unchanged at 68%. The proportion of consumers who plan to buy sustainable FMCG products in the next month increased slightly to 65% from 63%.


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