More than you would think!

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 10. 27. 10:37

The title could be the slogan of the cooperation between Avon Cosmetics and TV2 Group, in which the cosmetics brand’s latest perfume, Far away – Rebel & Diva and a non-standard solution by the channel helped the divas in the Sztárban Sztár programme to shine even brighter.

Avon-több mint hinnéd SztarbanSztar_logo

Csikesz Erika-TV2

Erika Csikesz
sales director
TV2 Media Group

Erika Csikesz, sales director of TV2 Media group told that the philosophy behind the perfume’s campaign is the same as one of TV2’s core values: creating something new, unusual and attention-raising.


Kósa Anita

Anita Kósa
PR, Advertising & Digital

Anita Kósa, PR & advertising and marketing manager of Avon added that their request to advertising agency Starcom was to come up with a non-sport ad that fits the AVON brand’s new image and slogan, ‘AVON More than you would think!’ The campaign’s objective is to show that AVON is a community of many great individuals, the stories behind them and their shared values.

Berzeviczy Andrea, Starcom

Andrea Berzeviczy
media planner

Andrea Berzeviczy, Starcom’s media planner explained that the cool and trendy perfume is a perfect match for the Sztárban Sztár television show’s theme. She revealed that the TV2 team made great contribution to the creative process with their excellent ideas and helpfulness. (x)

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