The Food Bank collected more than 240 tons of donations

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 22. 12:00

Customers collected a total of 241 tons of durable food in the 17th Christmas fund-raising campaign of the Magyar Élelmiszerbank Egyesület from Friday to Sunday in 334 stores in 160 settlements of the country with the participation of 6,500 volunteers.

Support goes to those in need

Perhaps there has never been a greater need for people’s help than this year. In the increasingly difficult economic situation, the number of people in need is increasing day by day, and the organizations that support them have been doing their best to survive for months. However, they themselves find themselves in an increasingly hopeless situation due to the increase in utility and fuel prices, which make their helping work impossible – reminds the Food Bank in its statement sent to MTI on Tuesday.

As it was pointed out, a total of 241,231 kilograms of durable food was collected, of which 48,246 food packages of 5 kilograms each are made, so the amount needed to assemble 30 packages per minute was collected. The packages usually contain flour, sugar, pasta, rice, canned goods, oil, long-lasting milk, sweets and, where appropriate, baby food. By weight, most people donated dry pasta, a total of 47,925 kilos, but a good amount of canned goods, rice, long-lasting milk and sweets also came.

Thanks to the generous customers, the Food Bank will provide support to 48,000 needy people and families during the holiday season. Although the amount of the donation could not reach last year’s record, the number of those who want to help has not decreased, at most their possibilities have increased, the Food Bank announced.


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