Tetra Pak: 54% of consumers consider the future of the planet when choosing food

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 07. 11:27

According to the 2023 Tetra Pak Index, when purchasing food, consumers actively consider their impact on the environment in addition to their individual health. Consumers who are truly environmentally and climate conscious are even willing to change their eating habits in order to protect the planet.

The health food market is already on solid footing, nowadays consumers are actively looking for products that have a positive effect on their physical well-being. However, a significant majority of customers now have even more holistic views: 70% of them believe that it is not acceptable for healthy products to damage the environment, while another 54% would be willing to proactively take responsibility for the planet and change their diet to contribute to a better world.

These two views are also reflected by the growing number of so-called flexitarian consumers, who aim to consciously reduce the amount of meat they consume, nearly half of whom claim that they only consume meat moderately or have even completely omitted meat from their diet. The Tetra Pak Index, which is based on a survey conducted by the global market and public opinion research company Ipsos in ten countries around the world, found that efforts to reduce meat consumption have become a global phenomenon today. Although 56% of research participants cited health reasons for following a flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diet, more than a third (36%) specifically named environmental protection as their primary motivation.

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