Tesco to launch plastic-free fresh produce trial

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2019. 04. 05. 11:20

Tesco has launched a month-long trial to remove plastic packaging on a selection of its fruit and vegetables in the UK, in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

Tesco  announced in 2018 that it would ban hard-to-recycle plastic packaging by 2019 and make all packaging fully recyclable by 2025.On the one hand, the retailer wishes to achieve zero waste, while on the other hand, it wants to raise awareness in order to change shopper behavior.

The movement towards plastic-free is positive in many ways. First, it helps to become more and more sustainable, second, by changing shopper behaviour, it maintains a positive image. Furthermore, plastic-free goods look good in store and is convenient for shoppers as they can buy the exact quantity they want.


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