Clotted cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt: booming sales

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 04. 25. 08:00

Clotted dairy products form an important part of the assortment of food stores. Among categories measured by Nielsen, clotted cream took 10th place, while cottage cheese ended up in 18th place in terms of value of sales. According to the latest figures, the combined revenues generated by the four categories approach HUF 50 billion per year. Retail sales of all four categories grew as result of the trend favouring healthy diets. 73 per cent of the clotted cream sold was of 20 per cent fat content. Average consumer prices went up by 6 per cent last September. The over 400 square meter stores took a market share of two thirds in retail sales of cottage cheese. The popularity of aluminium foil packaging has declined. Kefir sales also grew significantly during the past year. Modern store types took accounted for two-thirds of total sales. The market share of sizes over 400 grams is growing. Sales of natural yoghurt have risen dynamically. This category shows the greatest concentration, with modern store types taking a 72 per cent share of the market.

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