dm is also active in supporting social issues

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 19. 12:22

Thousands of bottles of sunscreen, 6,500 packs of diapers, a renovated playground, education supporting a healthy lifestyle, projects strengthening women’s communities, hygiene products – responsibility can take many forms. dm tries to find the issues that are closest to his own long-term strategy in the network of social challenges that affect each other and to which he can be authentically connected. In the past year, they supported the implementation of various social causes with more than HUF 100 million.

The drugstore is committed to protecting the environment, educating children on a healthy lifestyle, and helping socially disadvantaged families. They developed their long-term strategy under the name “Together for each other”, the aim of which is to find the challenges affecting our society in which they can provide assistance.

The Együtt a bábákért program supports the smallest children as an initiative that returns every year: every year, the drug store distributes 6,500 packages of diapers to families with small children in difficult circumstances through the Catholic Charity. Over the past 14 years, approximately 230 million forints have been donated, which means at least 6 million diapers, 3,600 recipient families, and special support for the first year of nearly 4,000 children. Every spring, the Children of the Day program is organized around the theme of a healthy lifestyle, which focuses on the playful sun protection education of the preschool age group with a tender task, and provides solar milk subsidies to all participating kindergartens, in addition to renovating the playground of the grand prize winner. In November, by changing the colors of Black Friday, the Giving Friday day was brought to life, during which 5% of that day’s turnover is devoted to the implementation of a socially useful cause; In 2023, they supported the Mentor Seedlings program with more than HUF 30 million to help children lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Every year, the company also organizes a charity soccer tournament together with its supplier partners, with the teams’ entry fee of HUF 5 million supporting a charity project.

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