Magazine: Let’s fill the tank and hit the road!

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 26. 07:28

Services such as 24-hour assistance and a designated contact person are provided by basically all fleet selling and leasing companies.

Gábor Trybek
commercial director
Business Lease Hungary

There are also many other services available to make the lives of partners much easier, such as taking care of the insurance and maintenance of vehicles – informed Gábor Trybek, commercial director of Business Lease Hungary Kft. A growing number of customers opt for premium services – by using these they hardly have any work to do with the vehicles. These partners are usually the ones that choose vehicles with lots of extra features, e.g. lane keeping assist system, intellignt LED matrix, night vision assistant, etc. Stricter emission limit values in Europe – Worlwide Harmonisd Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) – have changed the vehicle market. Business Lease has developed the Blue Fleet Audit process: this system analyses data from partner companies, and based on the results Business Lease makes recommendations about the directions in which the company’s vehicle fleet should be taken, e.g how many petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles should be in it. Partners can save a lot of money by using the service and protect the environment.

Veronika Kiss
financing consultant
City Leasing

City Leasing Zrt. offers customer-centred solutions – the company’s main profile is leasing passenger cars, vans and lorries, electric vehicles, small industrial and agricultural machinery, boats and sailboats. We learned from financing consultant Veronika Kiss that one of their successful products is the financing of electric vehicles. By using the company’s calculator, customers can quickly compare the financing and operating costs of petrol cars, hybrids and electric vehicles.

Zoltán Nárai
LCV fleet manager
Danube Truck

Danube Truck’s – they are the importers of IVECO – fleet management partner is Business Lease Hungary Kft., and together they serve customer needs with dedicated contact persons, a 24-hour customer service and a 13-unit service and maintenance network that covers the whole of the country. LCV fleet manager Zoltán Nárai informed that one of their most popular services is giving partners the chance to test demo models before making a decision. IVECO offers the flexibility of elements: customers can also choose the combination of the Scheduled Maintenance and the Extended Guarantee services, which perefectly suits their profile.

Duna Autó has been providing fleet and leasing services for three decades. One of their most popular services is the designated contact person. Sales and marketing director Zoltán Markó revealed that customers also like to use the following services: one-stop-shop affairs management, tailor-made fleet price discounts, financing consultancy, test driving and free car delivery in Budapest. At Duna Autó the proportion of hybrid and electric vehicles is still only 3.9 percent, but the number of such cars is growing. Open-end leasing is the most popular solution in the SME sector, while large companies prefer operative leasing.

Gergely Lakatos
sales  manager

Driving and filing the tank – these are the only two tasks customers of EuroFleet need to do if they are leasing vehicles from them, because the highly popular Standard Package focuses on the expereince of carefree driving. Sales manager Gergely Lakatos listed the advantages of the package: financing, taxes, insurances, all kinds of service and maintenance work, and the pemium assistance service! 90 percent of EuroFleet customers choose the Standard Package; those who don’t can opt for the Basic Package. There are three key factors behind the company’s premium quality fleet management service: procactivity, the skills and expertise of workers and qucik decision-making; plus the company often introduces new services too. EuroFleet’s nearly 2,000 vehicles are serving at 500 different companies.

Edwin Bondar
fleet sales

The most popular type of leasing is the open-end one, as at the end of the period the customer can reclaim the VAT on the instalments. SMEs tend to choose this leasing solution, while large companies are more likely to cast their vote on fleet management, going in for operative leasing – explained Edwin Bondar, fleet sales manager of Reálszisztéma. He told that the most important decision-making factors for partners are the monthly and long-term costs, the design of the car and other profit-related characteristics. Toyota offers a fleet management package where the main elements are comfort and efficiency. What makes Reálszisztéma’s fleet management a premium service? The fact that vehicle-related expenditures can be incorportated into the monthly leasing fee. The majority of Toyota’s fleet models (the Corolla range, C-HR, RAV4) are hybrid vehicles.

Zsombor Varga

At Hungarian Toyota and Lexus dealerships Toyota Pénzügyi Zrt. offers several types of personalised financing schemes. Zsombor Varga, PR manager of Toyota explained to Trade magazin that closed-end leasing is the ideal solution for those corporate partners that opt for Toyota commercial vehicles. Operative leasing involves financing and comprehensive fleet management services – this is the best choice for leasing a new Toyota passenger car or commercial vehicle, or a Lexus passenger car, because partners get a special fleet discount. Currently Toyota and Lexus have the biggest hybrid electric model portfolio in the market. These aren’t only eco-friendly but also have low operating costs.

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