We teach you so that you can buy it

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 09. 22. 08:00

METRO Customer Academy will create an opportunity for those in the Horeca sector to study. We discussed the topic with Piroska Balestra, METRO’s head of the customer academy department.
• Today it is not enough if a progressive Cash & Carry-type chain expands its assortment – it has to anticipate customer demand. For us customer-centred change means making our partnership relations more interactive.
• Four years ago we set up a system of regional representatives for restaurant owners. Three years ago we started our loyalty programme. ‘I love’ campaigns have been up and running since 2009. Recently we created the key account management concept.
• Thanks to the expansion of our assortment and globalisation, several new products appeared in stores which are not known to customers. Cooks have to learn about these if we want them to like and buy them.
• Kálmán Kalla will teach about Hungaricums, Mangalica, Grey Cattle and lamb dishes, and about preparing freshwater fish. From Alexandro Arena students will learn about preparing saltwater fish and fruits of the sea, and authentic Italian cuisine.
• András Lajsz will teach bartenders and future baristas can learn from András Senkáriuk. Participating in these courses is not free, but our fees are moderate.

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