Information on the distribution of EK FERTILIZER and the submission of the certification application

By: STA Date: 2023. 02. 02. 09:30

Regulation 2019/1009/EC (VI.5.) regulating the distribution of EU crop-enhancing substances has been applicable since July 16, 2022, with which the previous regulation on the distribution of EC FERTILIZER also lost its effect.

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The currently valid legislation allows EC FERTILIZERS still found on the EU market to be distributed under the following conditions:

• place of production: in the European Union
• production time: before July 15, 2022
• distribution:
o until the end of the product’s shelf life and use-by date
o until the end of the set

EK-FERTILIZER certification application

EC FERTILIZERS intended to be placed on the market in Hungary must be notified to the Directorate of Nébih Mezőgazdasági Genetic Resources 30 days before the first placing on the market – in order to check compliance.
The notification must be made to the manufacturer or, in the case of product production outside Hungary, only to the first marketer in Hungary, providing the following data:
Applicant details:
Company name:
• title:
• e-mail address:
• telephone:
Contact name:
• telephone:
• e-mail address:

Details of the fertilizer to be declared:

1. Commercial name of fertilizer
2. Production time (Only before July 15, 2022.)
3. Manufacturer’s name and address (EU manufacturer only.)
4. End of product shelf life and use
5. Total product composition in mass percentage (m/m%)
6. Specifying the EC type of fertilizer – according to Annex I of EC Regulation 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council (13.X.2003)
7. For mixed fertilizer:
• the component EC fertilizers:
designation of o
o total composition and proportion in the mixture (%)
o Specify EC fertilizer type
8. For fertilizers with a high nitrogen content (>28 m/m%), ammonium nitrate:
• explosive capacity and oil retention capacity test certificate, original and valid (issue not older than six months)
9. In the EK-FERTILIZER compliance procedure, the Authority is entitled to request additional data.
The notification can be initiated electronically in the Nébih customer profile system:


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