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The regulation concerning crop-enhancing substances has been amended

The relicensing procedure has ended, and the license has automatically become indefinite for all crop-enhancing substances that had a license document valid on January 1, 2024. Another significant change is that...

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Information on the distribution of EK FERTILIZER and the submission of the certification application

Regulation 2019/1009/EC (VI.5.) regulating the distribution of EU crop-enhancing substances has been applicable since July 16, 2022, with which the previous regulation on the distribution of EC FERTILIZER also lost...

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The Nébih seized hundreds of illegally sold yield enhancing substances

The Nébih seized several hundreds, illegally sold yield enhancing substances, in a value of 61 million HUF during last week's actions. the NÉBIH told MTI on Friday . The inspectors...

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