Information for investment applications of the rural development program

By: STA Date: 2022. 11. 16. 09:50

In the past few days, the Ministry of Agriculture has informed farmers and businesses that have submitted support applications for Rural Development Program applications but have not yet received support, about what aspects they should consider when implementing the applications as the Rural Development Program closes.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The call for attention – contrary to the erroneous information published in this regard – did not apply to investments that have already received support and started. In the information, we emphasized that there are currently several risk factors that could jeopardize the implementation of the tenders. Thus, farmers need to consider whether they can implement their application that does not yet have support even if the support decision is made later, therefore due to the approaching closure of the Rural Development Program – unlike the previous practice – the time to use the support is much shorter time will be available. The Ministry of Agriculture has already drawn attention in advance to the fact that it will not be possible to modify the deadlines agreed in the application, so the applicants must judge whether or not they can meet the agreed deadline for implementation.

Flexibility doesn’t last forever

In order to facilitate the implementation of investments, the high degree of flexibility of the ministry is indicated by the fact that, in the case of nearly 4,500 investment projects, the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Program has agreed to modify the deadlines agreed in the tender, thereby facilitating the implementation of investments that received more than HUF 500 billion in support. Approaching the end of the program, the previous flexibility will no longer be possible. The Ministry of Agriculture draws special attention to the fact that with the adoption of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy between 2023-2027, it will once again be possible for investors to receive support for their agricultural and food industry developments, which have already been planned but are yet to be implemented, under favorable conditions, which conditions are clearly ensure the successful implementation of tenders.


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