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Annamária Tari: ‘Social media stole the carefree childhood in the blink of an eye’

What happens to children’s brains if they are using digital devices? How does online presence change their personalities and the way they see themselves? Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Annamária Tari...

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Magazine: Business Days 2020 – Our conference was not cancelled… Vol. 2

E-commerce, drugstores and discount supermarkets were the topics of the day’s first roundtable discussion. Changing consumption habits in the light of the pandemic   The ‘conductor’ of the morning concerts...

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Magazine: The forgiver and the punisher – generational differences that manifest in shopping

Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Annamária Tari specialises in studying generations, and she is an expert on generations Y, Z and Alpha. She has been researching emotional life and personality change...

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