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MNB: fuel and food accelerated inflation in April

The annual consumer price index rose by 0.1 percentage point in April compared to the previous month. Fuels contributed 0.3 percentage points and foodstuffs 0.2 percentage points to the increase...

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MNB: the slowdown in the inflation of manufactured goods and foodstuffs offset the increase in the price of fuel in February

The annual consumer price index decreased by 0.1 percentage points in February compared to the previous month; the disinflationary contribution of manufactured goods (-0.4 percentage points) and food (-0.3 percentage...

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MNB director: inflation will slow down to between 7-8 percent by the end of the year

By the end of the year, the consumer price index will drop to between 7-8 percent, and the disinflationary effect will continue in 2024, but inflation will return to the...

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