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BCG: Brands should pay more attention to the 50-70 age group

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research “Don’t Overlook Your Mature Consumers”, members of the 50-70 age group, contrary to popular belief, have a much greater influence on the...

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In the short term, salary is the most important employee demand, in the long term, balance

This year’s global Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey, conducted with the participation of Profession.hu and involving 160 countries, based on a survey of 90,000 people, including Hungarians, examined the attitudes...

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Fewer than 20% of retailers on track to meet sustainability targets

Fewer than 20% of retailers are on track to meet their sustainability targets, according to the Boston Consulting Group. The consultancy surveyed 37 major retailers around the world with annual...

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