Sponsorship step by step

By: trademagazin Date: 2006. 11. 20. 08:00

Based on the consequences drawn from Megasztár, TV2, at the launch of Megatánc, put an emphasis on the exclusive presence of the sponsors. As a new element TV2 integrated two sections, called Hétköznapok and Sorsolás in Megatánc. Before and after this sections sponsors could also be displayed. In sponsor spots, played before and after the show all sponsors are displayed. Sponsor brand names also appear on the TV2 website. In every issue of the newsletter of the show, readers have the possibility to be acquainted with another sponsor. Among Brand Care elements, merchandising has a special place. Nike has created the Megatánc Backpack Collection, which will be given away at a raffle game, organized among the voters of the show. “If the reality show-like dancing topic can follow the successes of Megasztár, the sponsors of the first series will have preemtive right for the second series. With this option, we would like to strengthen the long term co-operation and exclusivity” says Zoltán Várdy, sales director of TV2.

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