Tablets subject to strict scrutiny

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 01. 31. 08:00

A ministerial decree was published at the end of last year about trading of medicine outside pharmacies with the names of medicines which can be sold this way. A decree by the Minister of Health came into effect on 29. December, which is an amendment of decree no. 52/2005. (XI. 18.). Some (OTC)medicines which require no prescription will be available outside pharmacies as well in the future. The National Pharmaceutical Institute (OGYI) will be responsible for defining the scope of products that belong in this category and for publishing the current list of OTC products each month on its web-site. Special storage regulations will be applied for the stores selling OTC medicines which will also have to check expiry dates of their inventory regularly. Expired inventory has to be stored separately and disposed of according to strict rules. Stores selling OTC medicines will have to use an IT system, which ensures that OGYI publications regarding expiry and trading licences are checked at least twice a day. OTC medicines have to be stacked separately from other products and cannot be place directly next to food or chemical products. OTC medicines cannot be given away as gifts, or sold for vouchers directly or indirectly. Such medicines shall be displayed in closed cabinets, accessible only to the store staff. The electronic data system required for selling OTC products will be licensed by the OGYI.

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