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By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 05. 21. 08:00

According to Éda Pogány from Coca-Cola Magyarország, per capita consumption of ice teas has produced a more than tenfold increase in Hungary since 2000, exceeding 10 litres in 2007. – Though ice tea is still a small segment within soft drinks, it is growing dynamically – says Andrea Osztie from Lipton Ice Tea of FÁÜ ZRt. – Pepsi Americas. Ice teas account for 33 per cent of HoReCa sales. Balázs Cúl, managing director of Asix Distribution Kft., the importer of San Benedetto believes that ice teas owe their popularity to the “rediscovery” of tea as an ancient refreshment. In the opinion of Gábor Steiner, HoReCa sales director of Rauch Hungária Kft., ice teas are suitable for creative marketing based on distinctive product characteristics. Clever product development is a decisive factor in success, according to János Gréczi, managing director of Gramex 2000 Kft. Peach and lemon, the two most popular flavours account for 85-90 per cent of total sales. Most brands also have a green tea in their assortment. According to Veronika Csehi, from In-Food 2000 Kft., the distributor of Pfanner, the popularity of health-focused lifestyle is a major factor behind the popularity of wellness ice teas. Pfanner has a yellow, a red and a green tea. Nestea of Coca-Cola in 0,25 litre returnable bottles is available in the three traditional flavours. Nestea Snowy Orange will be an exciting innovation for the winter season. Nestea Vitao red tea with added fruit juice and without preservatives is a representative of the new generation of products. The Lipton Ice Tea product line is composed of the same flavours, with the exception of blackberry. They also contain rooibos and guarana, but have 17 per cent less sugar. Rauch is the only company in the Hungarian market selling light ice teas integrated into the Alexandra Béres Weight Control Program. The tea based Nativa product line represents a highly creative concept. Nativa Tea & Water products contain 7 calories per 100 ml and are also functional soft drinks with vitamins, herbs and minerals. San Benedetto, Sconto and Vitalade products are available in the basic flavours but assortments are to be widened by both distributors. PET bottles account for an increasing share of total sales. 0.2 and 0.33 litre, attractive glass bottles are increasingly popular in the HoReCa segment. The absence of preservatives and artificial colouring has become an almost essential requirement among ice teas. The beneficial effects of tea on health, communicated by distributors is also a major advantage for consumers. As a result of increasing health consciousness among consumers, ice teas with functional advantages are also targeted at specific segments.

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