Facing the wind

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2022. 09. 29. 09:57
Varga János, Magyar Posta

János Varga
director of logistics
Hungarian Post

In 2019 Hungarian Post started its MPL+ project, the aim of which is to transform the company’s logistics system. As part of this, 23 depots – 10 of these are already working – and a parcel processing centre will be established. Director of logistics János Varga: “We commenced the automation of the depots in 2021, and today there is an automatic sorting system in four of them. Hungarian Post has its own fleet for transportation (only 10% of delivery tasks is performed by subcontractors), and thanks to this we are less exposed to the capacity shortage and price increase that currently characterises the market. From a budget of HUF 50bn, the MPL+ project modernises the full logistics system, and it increases the efficiency of parcel processing and delivery.”

They are dedicated to help

Kiss Nikoletta, Palmsped

Kiss Nikoletta
Palmsped Cargo

Every month Palmsped Cargo does more than 600 international road transport jobs for its customers all over Europe. Managing director Nikolett Kiss: “It is very important that our transport managers spend the majority of their working hours with organisation and problem solving tasks related to shipping. We are dedicated to help both our customers and freighters in overcoming the current market difficulties. Palmsped Cargo does its best to flexibly adapt to partner needs. Due to the sharp increase in motor fuel prices, we have introduced an indexing system, with the help of which price increases and decreases can manifest in shipping fees.”


A digitális platformok egyebek mellett segítenek az ellátási láncokban tapasztalható ingadozások leküzdésében is


An unstable period

Üveges Zoltán, Rabentrans

Zoltán Üveges
head of sales and marketing
Raben Trans

Last year Raben Trans completed three important investment projects in Hungary, in Dunaharaszti (a 30,000m² new logistics centre), Pécs (a more than 10,000m² new facility) and Győr (a new transloading centre). Zoltán Üveges, head of sales and marketing: “We focus on digital solutions, and in certain administrative areas we have started process automation. Raw material shortage and inflation influence the business processes of partners. There are sectors where production and trade are unstable, and this results in volatility in logistics as well, to which we have to accommodate.”

With greening for the future

Glória Garamvölgyi
commercial director and deputy MD

The events of the last few years made the partners of Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft. expect increased flexibility from the company. Demand also kept growing for B2C services. Partners and consumers are more environmentally conscious now, therefore Waberer’s has established a special business unit to bring various manufacturer innovations to Hungary. The company also prepares green packages tailored to the needs of partners.

Glória Garamvölgyi, commercial director and deputy managing director: “The disruptions in the supply chains have made things less plannable for us. Various partner needs now emerge unexpectedly, be it shipping or storage. This requires a higher level of flexibility from us – this is why we had to transform our business structure for a faster reaction.”

Flexibility helps to cope with volatility

Annamária Walter
cluster supply chain
DS Smith

DS Smith has been successfully managing the current supply chain volatility, thanks to the company’s rapid reactions and flexibility. Annamária Walter, cluster supply chain manager: “In 2021 we made several logistics-related modifications, in order to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions better, and to increase the level of our services. Our factories in Győr and Nagykáta acquired AA level BRC GS 6 certification, and we also completed the full integration of our factory in Füzesabony, which we had bought a few years ago. We wish to strengthen our paper pallet segment for a greener operation.” //

The above article is available for reading on pp 182-184 of Trade magazin 2022.08-09.

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