The prices of Easter hit items vary widely

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 12:35

As the holidays approached, preparations for Easter began, and store shelves were already covered with products typical of the holiday season. Of course, in addition to ham, smoked knuckles, pre-packaged cakes and fresh vegetables, eggs and chocolates are the most popular. However, the prices range quite widely…

The biggest differences are in prices and offers. In the case of chocolate figures, the prices of the manufacturer’s brands exceed HUF 10,000 per kilogram, while the own-brand products of discount stores typically have more favorable prices.

According to VG, the price of Kinder Surprise – that is, Kinder Egg – is as follows:

  • Auchan – HUF 389
  • Tesco – HUF 375
  • Spar – HUF 375
  • Aldi – HUF 262
  • Lidl – HUF 262

The prices of fresh eggs start from HUF 40 and can range up to HUF 70-90 per piece. Significant differences can also be observed in vegetable prices, Auchan offers the most expensive prices, while Lidl has the most favorable prices.

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