Hell operated a special sub-box recycling installation at EFOTT

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 27. 09:55

One of the greatest sustainability challenges of our time is the recycling and recycling of packaging into the economy.

A huge amount of packaging waste is also generated at summer festivals, and several initiatives have already been taken to reduce it, such as the replacement of single-use plastics and the introduction of a repohar system, but even today, a lot of plastic bottles and glasses are thrown away at events, which is one of the biggest represents an environmental burden.

In contrast to PET, aluminum beverage cans can be recycled indefinitely and completely without loss of quality, provided they are properly collected and handled. As a waste material, they are the most valuable of all packaging, and their recovery and recycling are also the easiest and the largest. About 75 percent of the aluminum that was ever released is still in circulation, thanks to the efficient circulation, aluminum cans can be made from it again up to 60 days after the consumer has thrown it into the selective waste container.

Among other reasons, the Hell company group voted in favor of the aluminum can and encourages everyone – both consumers and beverage producers – to take an active role in the implementation of the circular economy.

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