Many people plan to change jobs in the near future

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 28. 10:56

62 percent of respondents plan to leave their jobs in the near future, most of them would change for a higher salary, according to the latest survey by the Work Force HR service provider. The company discussed the issue of turnover not only from the employee side, but also among its business partners, with more than 10 percent of employees resigning in 2022, also in the hope of more favorable wages.

In August of this year, the Work Force HR service provider conducted a survey involving 500 employees in order to map the current situation of labor market turnover. The answers clearly show that most people are on the verge of a change, as 62 percent of those surveyed plan to leave their workplace in the near future. This ratio differs minimally between manual and white-collar workers, 60 percent of white-collar workers are looking for (or have already found) a new job, while 70 percent of white-collar workers would leave their current employer.

Most of them (64%) would like to change for a higher salary, but many also answered (53%) that they would prefer to work in a workplace where their work is more appreciated. The third most common reason for termination was the lack of professional development opportunities (42%). The partners of the Work Force met with similar answers during the exit interviews, the most common reason for termination was the higher wage demand, and 86 percent of the interviewed colleagues left their positions for this reason. In addition, personal reasons and moving are also common answers.

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