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SIAL Innovation Award winners in 2022

Az egyik leglátogatottabb standja a kiállításnak az új termékeket és a nyerteseket bemutató sziget volt

Idén a hús- és tenger gyümölcsei helyettesítő alternatívák, a praktikus otthoni elkészítési módszerek, a környezettudatos csomagolás, a környezetvédelmi innovációk és a minél kisebb mértékű feldolgozottság került a szakértő zsűri döntéseinek fókuszába. Ebben az évben 16 újdonságot díjaztak a fenti szempontok szerint, ahol az abszolút győztes ismét Franciaország volt. De nézzük a részleteket!

Gold Award: IO’Dés – France. Frozen seaweed cubes for pan-frying, with crispy texture. Made from Breton macro-algae, it is rich in iodine, fibre and minerals.

Silver Award: 100% fresh frozen Wolffia – Thailand. Water lentils rich in vegetable proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Bronze Award: Yerba Maté Taragüi First Experience Kit – Argentina. A kit for yerba mate, a source of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamin B and minerals.

Public prize: La Truitelle – France. Organic mountain trout in a can, made from fish raised and processed in France, using artisan methods.

Own The Change Award: Soon plant-based dessert range – France. Yogurt substitute made from French plant-based milk

Awards by sector

Meat and fish alternative products award: Leggie & Leggie Ready Meals – Spain. Clean label meat substitute made from carob and rice flour. It has a meaty appearance and texture, and the product is allergen-free and rich in fibre.

Alcoholic beverages award: Oliba Green Beer – Spain. Beer brewed with olives, with 5% abv, produced in the Pyrenees.

Grocery savour product award: Kimchi V Kimchi Block – South Korea. Freeze-dried kimchi, which is rich in probiotics. The product is gluten- and sugar-free.

Cooking aids and condiments award: Terra Del Tuono – Italy. Small crystallized flakes for seasoning. It is natural and easy to use. They come in a bottle with a 2-hole measuring cap.

Grocery sweet products award: TooGood Cotton Candy by Triomphe Snat – France. Cotton candy substitute with 90% less sugar, made with chicory fibre. No colour or additives.

Dairy products and ice cream award: Clément Faugier chestnut ice cream, with chunks of candied chestnut – France.

Intermediate food products award: Rawga – South Korea. Vegetable collagen from hibiscus, with high antioxidant content and a high absorption rate.

Catering and food services award: Uhhmam product range – Denmark. Various types of organic umami seasonings. It is rich in flavours, vegan and clean label.

Equipment and technologies award: Roastinstep – France. 100% electric and vertical continuous roasting for energy saving. It has a recirculation system for the generated hot air.

Packaging award: Natur’Avenir UHT Semi-skimmed Organic Sterilised Cow’s Milk – France. Marketed in a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle. It has a light bottle without seal.

Start-up award: BUBBLE iT by Bubble It Drinks! – France. Powdered preparation for sparkling drinks to limit the use of plastic. Ideally diluted in the Bubble It glass bottle. 

Happy award-winners with the prizes and awards received

Premium protein from carbon dioxide

California-based start-up NovoNutrients announced the successful production of protein from carbon dioxide. They claim that its quality is basically identical to beef – “beef-quality protein, without the cow.” According to Independent test data from Medallion Labs, NovoNutrients’ protein ingredient outperformed published scores for conventional plant protein ingredients, such as the soy and pea protein concentrates and isolates used in meat substitute foods. What is more, it also outscored innovative new ingredients like nutritional fungi protein.

In the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), for ages three and up, NovoNutrients Protein achieved a 1.14 score, equal to the score for beef. NovoNutrients’ technology takes the most abundant and inexpensive CO2-containing industrial emissions and hydrogen as its key inputs. The company makes a range of protein ingredients and products from these, which can be used for aquafeed and for people, including high-value nutraceuticals, e.g. carotenoids. //

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2022.12-01.

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